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#3 Fake a Giant Moa Discovery

Discovery in the Moa Marsh

Acorn.Angel 85
By Acorn.Angel

Discovery in the Moa Marsh

IMG 2517 5.35.51 PM.7
I fabricated Moa bones and a mummified baby Moa head, and buried them in the marsh behind our house. We had SO much fun following a map, and drowning in the boggy quicksand!

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#1 Get Lost!

Invisibility hand

wildeyezdemo3 20
By wildeyezdemo3

Invisibility hand


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#7 Wild Bird Cafe

Mini bird cafe

20180701 30.8
Naughty Ninja 110
By Naughty Ninja

Mini bird cafe

20200928 085550
20180701 30.8
Naughty Ninja
I got some sticks from the garden and tied them together with wool so my container would fit inside. Then mum nailed it to the fence for me.
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