How it works

Five easy steps to transform you from a square-­eyed couch kumara into a wild­-eyed mission buster who sees things that boring people can’t.

1 Upload a profile pic and chose a username.

Step 1D

Click on ‘sign up’. Then upload a photo for your profile avatar: make it a super silly selfie, or use your favourite animal or cartoon character!

Invent a catchy username and get your first set of wild eyes!

2 Pick a mission and prepare to go wild!!

Step 2B2

Buckle up, you’re about to become a master of disguises, a nature ninja, a builder of bivouacs, or giant moa discoverer!

Choose from a range of missions to make up your ultimate Wild Eyes mish list.

3 Complete missions and upload the photo evidence.

Step 3

Time to get out there and go wild.

Then upload a photo of your completed mission and take your rightful place with the other Wilderpeople on the community page. FTW! (For The Wild!)

4 Level up, get likes, and share with the world!

step 4

Share your mission photos to get likes, and select from the tawaki penguin emojis to give thumbs up to missions that other Wildlings have completed.

Completed missions earn points that enable you to level up, win prizes and unlock super-crazy wild eyes for your profile avatar.

5 The ultimate prize: Ruru Vision!!

Step 5B

Forget television ... get Ruru Vision! Join a nationwide tribe of Level 5 Wildlings who are bursting with all kinds of nature knowledge and skux skills.

Show your mates that the most crazy, crafty, fun and challenging missions are waiting right outside your door… in your wild backyard.

Raring to get wild? Get started