TRY new stuff. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Especially don’t be afraid to fail: it's how the best discoveries are made! Do something you’ve never done before.

EXPLORE the outdoors. Put down your Xbox and your TV remote, open your front door and get outside into the wild. There’s no need to make a special trip to find nature: it’s right outside your door.

ASK lots of questions: you don’t need to know the answers! Science is all about asking, wondering and exploring your ideas.

DISCOVER nature and science! You can learn lots of cool new stuff on the Wild Eyes website. 

SHARE the results of your activity by uploading photos to the wild eyes site. Inspire others with your awesome efforts.

EARN digital rewards like a cool new set of wild eyes for your profile or sweet-as tawaki emoji by completing activities and uploading photos to the website.

BE COOL and be nice and respectful to others on the site. Anyone who acts like an egg and makes someone feel bad will be banished forever from our site for being so uncool.



BE ORIGINAL: Be creative in how you respond to the mission brief. Do something different-you’re more likely to get noticed!

OWN IT: Only upload photos of your own activity results. Its super uncool to pretend someone else’s work is your own. 

BE A TRY HARD: don’t be afraid to try something new. Especially don’t be afraid to fail: it's how we learn!

NO GIVE-AWAYS: make sure your photos don’t include anything that might give away your name, where you live, email addresses, phone numbers etc. We can’t publish photos that include school branding or logos, car number plates or mailboxes either.



SHHHHH! Wild Eyes users never share personal information like real names, addresses, school details, email addresses or phone numbers. Don’t ask others for their personal details either.

SHOUT IT LOUD: make sure to report trouble makers: that includes anyone who posts comments or photos that have inappropriate or negative content or personal details. Don’t take matters into your own hands – let the Wild Eyes team take care of it by emailing